What is Bodaq® Interior Film

BODAQ® film is a highly durable self-adhesive architectural film for hard surface applications. Favoured by hotels and furniture manufacturers, many of the natural wooded doors, tables, are in fact MDF panels covered with interior film.

Why Bodaq®

Easy to Clean

No more worrying about mould or staining. Bodaq is durable and a breeze to clean. Perfect for high demand applications.

Textures Galore

We can simulate everything from wood, stone, paint to metals. Given the versatility of Bodaq Film, only your imagination it the limit.

Cost Effective

Compared to using real hardwood or metal, Bodaq film is by far the most cost effective way to achieve a premium hard surface finish.


Bodaq film can be applied to a wide range of hard surfaces, including metal, mdf, plywood, hardwood, glass and plastic.

No Downtime

No more waiting for glue to dry or fumes to dissipate. Your office, hotel room or shop is ready as soon as the sheet is applied.

No Mess

In contrast to wallpaper, interior film has a self adhesive backing, meaning there is no need to deal with messy glue or clean up.


Unlike formica or laminate, there is no off gassing of unpleasant and harmful VOCs or odors. Its better for both your health and comfort.

Fire Safety

Bodaq Interior Film meets a high Class A (Class I) fire and smoke ratings - the lowest fire spread rate and minimal smoke production.


Learn how Bodaq® can fit into your next project.

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Download the E Catalogue

Click on the cover to download the 2022 E Catalogue. Keep in mind that the subtle textures of the films can't be seen through a digital catalogue. Please get in touch with us to request samples.